Welcome to the schedule of the 2015 Massachusetts Poetry Festival, happening May 1-3 in the beautiful and historic town of Salem! 

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To purchase your attendance button, read articles on our headliners, get tips for where to stay in Salem, and more, visit our website at www.masspoetry.org/festival2015.

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Jerica Washington

Author of the leadership adoxography 'Fragile Vessel'. John Casablancas International Agent. TYRA Beautytainer. Writing feeds me, maybe I was a scribe in my past life. I enjoy checking in with reality by writing to my future self, for me, it makes a celebration out of the sunrise to read something I wrote. I have seen my muses quoted anonymously and by the unknown, I'm stronger than nothing and more loving actually. So, I also am an agent for John Casablancas International and I work closely with the director to audition new talent, well the new talent will then become my mentee upon determining that we are interested the same goals. To add, the United States aesthtics industry will see Beautytainers: Beauty meets Entertainment. Imagine that a client wants a friend for life, that is an expert in aesthetic goals, certified to make the client smile. This is because, most clients hunger for such a reality, starved by the bird brain retail associates that will mine thy wallet. That's briefly all I am for now. See you at the Mass Poetry Festival!