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Cynthia Plascencia

Cynthia Plascencia is a third-year MFA poetry student at the University of New Hampshire. She received B.A. in English – Creative Writing from the University of Houston in 2010. Currently she serves as the Editor-in-Chief for the online literary journal, Barnstorm. Her poems can be found in Pebble Lake Review, Glass Mountain, The Acentos Review, and East Coast Literary Review, among others.

Sample Poem:

Wave me away with a Tall Boy

I’ve started to look through my friends’ photos 
for glimpses of Houston, hoping to catch streets 

I’ve driven through, ones with pot holes the size of Flying Saucer pies,
or cleaner ones, with dark black road, straight white lines.

Once I saw the deli where I bought chicken wings by the pound
and a homeless man I may have given change to once. Teddy? Jim?

It’s strange to talk about Houston as though it were here,
Dover, New Hampshire, a small town, the smallest, 

where if you asked the right person, which is to say, 
any person, they’d say, Oh yea. Cindy. How’s she hanging these days?

To have something like that is small and comforting.
Yeah, I’ve always wanted something like that.